Saturday, July 24, 2010

Intabazwe – Day 4

We spent our morning with Thoko again. Soon she had the girls busy with making tea, dishes, and sweeping. Cole was sent outside to chop her wood. When the chores were done she told us we could rest in her living room and turned on the TV. We felt she was taking advantage of us, having us do the chores then sending us in another room to watch TV. She didn’t even join us in the living room. We thought about leaving but finally got her to sit down with us. She began to ask us questions about how we do weddings, then funerals, and soon we were talking about ancestrial worship. She told us how it was tradition for her to talk to her ancestors and slaghter a cow for them this week. We read scriptures in the Bible about what God has to say about that. At first it seemed helpless, but she slowly showed interest. She explained it would be hard for her to break her culture’s tradition. We left her with a list of the scripture we read to her so she could continue to read it and see what God wants her to do. We were happy we decided to stay a little longer with her and felt that God was really speaking to her heart.
My highlight of today was a moment during our Children’s Ministry this afternoon. After we finished our activities we just played around with the kids. A few girls came up to me and had me sit down so they could play with my hair. While I was surrounded with girls with my hair going every direction a little girl popped up right in front of me. She sat on my lap so I wrapped my arm around her and started rubbing her arm. She sank right into me and squeezed my hand close to her. She moved my hand to her face, then other places she wanted to be touched and loved. I was moved by her hunger for love and to be touched. The song playing at that moment was “Made to Love” by Toby Mac. I thought to myself, “I was made to love Jesus and loving this girl now is like loving my Lord.” I am so thankful that I can serve Him here and love like He wants me to!

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