Monday, July 5, 2010

Leratong Children’s Home

We have been taking a break from Hope House to work with Next Step at Leratong for about a month. Hope House is an orphanage or children’s home that we have been visiting weekly all year. Leratong is a children’s home in Qwa Qwa that we visit twice weekly and spend all day with the kids. Our big theme is, “You Are Special.” A couple projects is creating a book about them and decorating their own board for their room. Their rooms are plain brick wall lined with bunk beds with no color or personality. With these boards they will have a place to show who they are.
Our day with these kids is filled with games, stories, crafts, songs, and love. Before or after our day we have some time to hang out with each other. One of their favorites is having us sit on the ground so that they can play with our hair. Another favorite is getting their picture taken or taking pictures themselves.

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