Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Intabazwe - Day 2

Today we had the opportunity to do a lot of chores again. We went back to visit our first friend we met Monday, Thoko. When we arrived she was in the middle of doing lots of laundry. We jumped right in and started helping! Ashley and I are in the top picture washing her laundry by hand in a bucket. Then someone else helped her rinse in another bucket and two more helped hang to dry. It is tradition that the men don’t do house chores, but Cole helped out with carrying the heavy buckets of water to dump.
The last house and person we met today was Cisilia. She was excited to teach us part of her culture by showing us how to make pap and start a fire in a wood burning stove. Carliegh is in the next picture sifting the pap to prepare it for cooking.
Even though most of today was spent doing chores, I’m reminded that God works in the small ways too. It is a big deal for a Basotho person just to get a visit from a white person. I know our interest in them and desire to become friends and help them out will make a lasting difference in their lives. Sometimes it’s not by words that we make God known, but through our actions.

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