Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Intabazwe – Day 3

Today we found ourselves in a house of someone whose business is selling beer. His name is Tsoso and his friend Hacosta was also there visiting. My interest was just to be friends and build a trust, however, Christianity soon popped into conversation. While the two of them shared a bottle of beer the question was asked, “Do you guys go to church?” We found out they both use to. Tsoso grew up in the church but then quit going when his pastor stole his wife. I worried about the walls that could have easily been built to Christians and the church. He was bitter to his church and pastor but open to us and what we had to say. Someone shared about how they had been hurt in their church and had to learn to forgive. The conversation moved to the beer they were drinking. I grew nervous again not wanting to offend them. By this time three or four more guys arrived and were listening. Tsoso introduced them as customers and friends. I’m thinking in my head about how bitter Tsoso could get towards us as well if we started sharing verses about what the Bible says about drinking. We would be taking away is business along with his entertainment. Verses were shared but the Holy Spirit was defiantly present and working in his life as well as the others! One of the guys, Nhlanhla, even said he was happy we were there and that they needed a revival. Hacosta asked if we could come visit again. Why do I worry? God had everything taken care of and had prepared their hearts before we even knocked on their door. He promised me before in Isaiah 55:11 that He would accomplish what He desired and the day after told me not to worry. Now my prayer is that He would help me step out of my flesh and into His Spirit more in times like these.

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