Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I remember when Jace first brought up the idea of doing a music video instead of a skit with words so that the message wouldn’t get lost without translation. I have been busy with a mission trip during most of the preparation but I did get to help brain storm some ideas and practice my part in the drama with Next Step a little bit.
It all came together at our first Assembly and I was impressed at how well everyone then performed in front of hundreds of kids throughout the week. Our actions in our drama spoke louder than words as our main character, Bob, went through life dealing with drugs, alcohol, relationships, and choosing Jesus or Satan. In the end Bob finally makes the right choice and lets Jesus Christ pull him up off the ground and out of his mess. The kid’s response to this showed that they did understand as they booed at the wrong choices he made and cheered when he reached for Jesus’ hand.
It was fun to see the kids we taught last term and I look forward to seeing them every week again and teaching them about God. Their excitement showed too at the assemblies and many told me they would come this week to LaunchPad!

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