Friday, January 22, 2010

Tour of Qwa Qwa

Well today was an exciting day as we planned to tour Qwa Qwa and Intabazwe but had an unexpected accident during our first tour.
We left the mission base for the first time this morning at 9am and headed to Qwa Qwa. On the way we saw lots of farms with crops, cattle, or horses. As we got closer to the city we saw lots of government housing which was little two bedroom brick houses with a medal roof.
First thing we did was get permission to see the native’s memorial. Two natives escorted us and shared their history. They explained all the tools they used and some they still use to this day inside the little museum. I found it fascinating and noticed lots of similarities with how the Native Americans used tools like these as well.
It was a mostly cloudy day and not too hot when Katie, our director, fainted on the rocky ground where we were standing. I don’t know how long but I imagine we were standing there for a long time listening when Katie fell down. She woke up right away but was bleeding badly from her lip and had chipped her tooth. We decided to leave and bring her to a doctor.
While Katie was at the doctor we did our shopping for the week. I expected the city to have big businesses since it has 1.8 million residents; however, most of it looked like more houses. I did see a shell station, KFC, and the small grocery store with a strip of other small shops. We didn’t go to the post office or continue our tour but headed back to the base after finishing our shopping. We were ready to head back anyway.

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