Monday, January 25, 2010

Commissioning Night

We Fall Down
At our Commissioning & Braai (African BBQ), we started with worship. The first couple songs I didn’t know or not enough to sing along with so I just listened. Then Marc lead us singing, “We Fall Down.” I felt God whisper to me at that moment and goose bumps were all over my body!
My mind flashed back to my living room at home. I was folding laundry and listening to “We Fall Down” by Chris Tomlin and he also sang it in Setswana. I played that song over and over trying to learn to sing it in Setswana too. I wanted to go to Botswana like Chris did and sing this song to them. Now I’m in South Africa, 400 miles from Botswana, singing “We Fall Down”!

Vision of an Arrow

This isn’t all though, the evening kept getting better. After the message (that was really good) the staff prayed over us. Charlene prayed over me first, she started with something about an arrow. At the end she explained that she kept seeing an arrow. I was this arrow. Arrows always have a target, and when fired they get to their location quickly. God is my archer and He has fired me in the right direction for He never misses. So wherever I’m aimed now, is my target and the place I’m suppose to be! This was very encouraging and I know it will help with God’s leading me next year.

Mary and Martha

June prayed over me too. Before she prayed though she reminded me of the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). She said that this year God has called me to be a Mary, maybe I’ve been a Martha lately. She challenged me to choose to spend time with God in my free times instead of finding something to do. By being a Mary I will sit at Jesus’ feet and not get caught up in serving and being busy. I know I have planned on being a Martha this year as I am in Africa on a mission’s trip to serve and be busy in missions. This didn’t make sense to me at first, why didn’t God want me busy? Why am I to spend so much time with Him? Thinking about it, I realize it doesn’t make sense to go out and minister and become busy for the Lord if I’m not in an intimate relationship with Him. Now I ask myself, “How can I minister without having the Word in my heart with faith, wisdom, and courage to share?” Now I see why spending so much time with God is important for ministry. June said I will see miracles happen when I have this connection with God. I believe it and I’m excited to see what happens in my life and in the lives of others!

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