Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ministering in Intabazwe

Thursday we did Relationship Evangelism which was going into Intabazwe and visiting houses and building relationships with the people. We only did one house this week and talked to a 19 year old girl named Refilwe. She also had a son, Oratile, who she gets to see on weekends and sometimes during the week. Otherwise he lives with his grandma.
We talked for awhile just getting to know her, and then we asked if she went to church. She said she did sometimes but the pastor was boring. Marc shared that he didn’t like church either when he was a boy, but his parent made him. Soon he realized how much God loved him and liked going to church. Then we told her that God wants a relationship with us.
Alaina asked if she was interested in having a relationship with God, then gave the gospel starting with Adam and Eve. It was really neat. She didn’t make any decision but said she would think about it and we told her we would try to be back next week.
I think it is neat that we get to go into the village and make these friendships and have this time to spend with people. It’s a great way to minister.

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