Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grand Friends

This week was very rewarding after our week before of wondering around to many families but all too busy to invite us in. A couple older ladies invited us back since they were busy at the time and one said she would cook for us and teach us how to sew. Even though most of us would be fasting at the time, we took her offer very excited that she wanted to spend this kind of time with us.
This week we returned to both of the ladies houses looking forward to the time we would get to spend with them. The first, Rebecca, was very excited to see us again and tickled that a group of young Americans wanted to be friends with her. Unlike most of the Basotho people we meet, she was very talkative and shared a lot about her family. She was especially proud of her nephew who is graduating today. After serving us with tea and bread, she brought out her Bible and we all shared our favorite verses at the time. Before leaving she invited us back next week and said she would have her friends over to hear the Bible too! I don’t know who was more thrilled! God is amazing and we were all very encouraged.
When we arrived at our next grand friend’s house, Lilian, we found that she had been distracted with other company and didn’t get to cook for us. In her group of visitors were her daughter and granddaughter. Jenna is holding Lilian’s granddaughter in the picture. Her friends left soon and she apologized and said she would cook for us next week. That worked out better since this week we were fasting. She also shared her excitement to become our friend and said she would be a grand friend to us. She then shared her tea with us in beautiful tea cups. After tea she showed us her bed comforter sets and traditional dresses she sewed. They were very beautiful and we all decided we wanted her to sew us a dress sometime. Our prayers changed our most challenging ministry to a very rewarding week.

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