Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Learning to Wait on Him

I am so grateful for God’s peace and comfort. Through all my discouragements He has remained faithful and reminded me I have no reason to be troubled. I am also grateful for an extraordinary friend who has encouraged me and spoke truth to me to put me back on my feet.

I sense God has something big for me and for this ministry. I am learning that sometimes we have to start over, or He has to tear down before He can build back up. However, even in the middle of a storm, I can find rest and peace in Him. I felt this truth assured when a tornado hit our base and took out some of our cabins. I was working in the office while it hit and even though I had no idea of the destruction going on outside, I do remember wondering if the wind would blow our roof off. I thought it was a silly thought, but not long after I discovered it did blow off several roofs as well as leaving a cabin in pieces. During all this I sat in the office I listened to worship music and soaked up God’s love. You can read more about the tornado here: http://thriveafrica.org/2010/04/looking-past-wreckage-to-his-promises/

These past few days I have been disciplining myself to not only read the Bible every day, but silencing myself to wait for the presence of God. I have felt my spirit renewed and rested as I wait on God and sit in His presence.

I have decided to do a juice fast May 3rd through May 9th and pray for the unreached people and missions. I also expect to grow in my faith and prayer life. You are welcomed to join me or pray for me during this time.

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