Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Planting Seeds

Lillian was excited for our visit this week as usual and shared her tea with us. After we finished our tea she asked if we were still interested in helping her with her garden. We said yes, of course!

We started from the beginning with digging up the soil, then planted the beans and corn, followed with burying them and watering them. We all had fun taking turns with each step. It was very tiring and we were well worn out when we finished!

While we planted and watered the seeds I thought of how we have planted seeds in Lillian and her daughter. We will not be here in the harvest to see the result of our hard work in the garden, but we have been able to see the seeds in Lillian grow. It is a great blessing to have the opportunity to live here for a year and not just plant seeds but water them and care for them. We have even seen some of the seeds we have planted blossom and the beauty they show to everyone around! It has been wonderful to continue to water Lillian’s seeds and feel her also water ours.

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