Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm back

So I have heard from a few people now that they miss my blogging. I miss blogging too! So I am going to start blogging here again, since the new blog didn't work out very well. I know some of you are busy and don't really want to sit at your computer reading blogs. But those of you who do want to get them, let me know. Send an email to and let me know you would like me to forward my blogs to you. You can also go to my blog page at:

Here is a little update on how I'm doing now:

While in Africa, God cleared some fog in my future. The organization I was with shut down before my internship ended and I came home a month early. Through that heartbreak I saw God had plans for me at home. Those plans keep unfolding as I try to seek His plan in everything I do, and opportunities I’m given. Still something doesn’t feel right. For five months I’ve been trying to settle back, adjust, and be content with my life here. I keep telling myself time will help me…but time went on…and I still miss and desire to go back just the same.

As much as I love being with family, animals, and old friends again, my spirit can no longer be satisfied with these comforts. It breaks for those in other cultures hurting, hungry, cold, and sick. I’ve been to a few countries now, and would love to go back to each one. After nine months in SA making friends I called sister, mother, and brother, there is no doubt I must go back to this country! My life has been forever changed by these people I dearly love and their culture I did my best to embrace.

Yes, I am starting to plan another adventure to South Africa! It won't be as long as 9 months. I am saving up and hopefully I will go next year. To keep me content until then, I am planning on some short trips to Mexico. I just have to be out in the mission field again!

God bless you all,

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