Friday, September 17, 2010

Strike Suspended

Since last week the teacher strike has been suspended, however, we waited until this week to go and teach just to make sure the students and teachers were back in the schools.
As we rolled up to the first school where Jenna and I teach, we noticed many students leaving the school and grew concerned. It turned out that for some reason school got out early and all the kids were already on their way home. Only one of our students was left and she said she would let everyone else know that LaunchPad classes are back so next week they would be there.
It was a relief that this wasn’t the case with all the schools! I joined Alicia and Alaina at their school and Jenna joined Jace. Even though it was sad we couldn’t be with our kids this week, it was nice to see other teachers in action and get ideas and meet their kids. I know God has a reason for everything, I might not fully see the reason here but I am trusting in Him.
We are hoping the teacher strike is resolved soon as it is only on hold for now. Please continue to pray for the strike, the teachers, and the students as they may be behind in their grades this term as a result. Thank you!

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