Monday, March 29, 2010

Visiting and a Pumpkin

While the schools take fall break and time off for Easter we are doing Relationship Evangelism all week. Today was our first day and I think we can all say we were nervous. It was a bit rough with the first couple houses but we did make plans to help them with chores tomorrow. And the last two were very encouraging!
We are a shy group so it was helpful that the lady we met before lunch was more outgoing and very excited to have us visiting. Rather than us having to bring up any conversation and only getting a simple yes and no for answers, she like to share with us about her and the culture. She even asked us questions about America and showed us a music video of Basotho songs. She enjoyed explaining what the songs were about, the traditional clothing they wore, and where the songs were filmed. Before we left she gave us a pumpkin from her garden.

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