Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready to Teach

Wednesday Jenna and I taught our first LaunchPad class. We had to change curriculum. Instead of teaching Love, Sex, and Relationships we are teaching Foundations of Faith. It was kind of scary to switch over so soon with only a week to prepare but it turned out great! I think this is a better curriculum to start out with. We might teach Love, Sex, and Relationship next term.
Aims, our staff helper, said we did really good for our first time. It helps that Jenna and I have both taught before, but even before I wasn’t very good. And I also spoke well with the interpreter compared to last week when I was trying to explain the class and a whole paragraph came out before anything could get translated.
We talked about salvation and I illustrated God’s free gift with a little skit Jenna and I did. She gave me a free gift of a soccer ball. I also illustrated our failure to a pit we are stuck in, and God’s salvation with someone saving us by handing down a rope. I said Jesus came down to save us but it took more than a rope, He gave His life. I know God really helped, I couldn’t have done that all by myself for sure. Jenna taught the first part and I did the last half. I think it also helps when I’m teaching with someone (one at a time) rather than me doing the whole thing myself.
The children seem very excited about this class and are willing to learn. I got to talk with a girl after class who had a question about what was taught. I enjoy getting to have personal conversations with the students and making friends with them.

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